I was given a camera at age 8 and have not put one down since. My first photograph was of my brother Peter (look right!) at our flat outside of Stanley in Hong Kong, which was called Eden View. I like to think that this wonderful name of our home, which overlooked the South China Sea, recalls my work as an integration of my love of the divine and of nature.

I can often be found on my belly at sunrise. That view of things is good for my soul.

I have recently begun to experiment with creating other kinds of art via photography and mixed media. I am loving Instagram at the moment.

I used to do little post-production processing and I used to think of this as a gift from my film days. Now I know that it is because the learning curve is steep in the digital darkroom, just as it was back in the darkroom. Still, I would rather be out in creation than behind a screen.

Several years ago in England I visited the home of William Henry Fox Talbot, one of the original modern day photographers. In his essay "The Pencil of Nature" he says that he was led to reflect: "...on the inimitable beauty of the pictures of nature's painting which the glass lense of the Camera throws upon the paper in its focus - fairy pictures, creations of a moment, and destined as rapidly to fade away."

I like this description of the ephemeral nature of photography. I find the contemplative act of looking and being given the image to be an alluring and enduring spiritual practice.

I blog, tweet, skype/zoom, instagram, text, email and you can find those links on each page of this site. However, sitting down together over a cup of tea is so much more satisfying!

Summer 2019

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